Visite des célestins ILCF

Visit of Théâtre des Célestins

ILCF students discover the backstage of the great theater of Lyon !

As part of our specific class « Ecriture créative et théâtre » and to end the semester in immersion, our company went to the « Théâtre des Célestins », located in the very heart of Lyon for a visit. 

Apolline took us to the Atrium in the Grande Salle, through the foyer of the public, through the foyer of the artists and through the underside of the theater . At every stage of this dizzy itinerary, we heard a story linked with the place which raised some questions and impressed us especially when we found ourselves in Paradise – namely 15 meters from the ground. 

In the theater red and gold Grande Salle we discovered the dressing rooms, the various balconies, the copper ceiling, the chandelier weighing around 200 tons with its 200 light bulbs. On the scene we could admire the theater set of the current play Zypher Z. Our guide took the opportunity to evoke the different trades that work together to put on a show.   

Everywhere, around us, the possibility to sop symbols of Lyon or names of famous playwrights in order to answer our guide’s questions t o better understand this place history from ts opening in 1877. A place that goes on evolving and modernizing. 

A great visit that enabled interacting !  

This visit was a nice way to finish with this workshop. I really appreciated discovering the backstage of this theater and hearing interesting stories about the place. Thanks for this initiative ! 

Juan, a Mexican student 

The visit was really interesting since it is a different way to hear about the story of this theater and to discover its architecture. Thanks for having organised this event !

Jennifer, a Chilian student 

It was very educational. I have learnt a lot. One thing in particular, when we went to the basement, the room where actors can climb up or fall down. I have always found this type of thing impressive but i had never had the opportunity to see how it works.

Today, we have seen the machines, the ceiling with its figures … i am delighted with this opportunity to see such facilities that we generally do not see ; this is why I think it was so interesting for me.

Zixuan, a Chinese student