TCF - French Knowledge Test

TCF - French Knowledge Test

All non-French speaking people who, for personal, academic or professional reasons need to reliably assess and certify their knowledge of French in a recognised way.
The TCF is intended for adolescents and adults (over 16 years of age). No diploma or preparation is required to sit the TCF.

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Our TCF exam sessions are only available for groups and on request.

Why sit TCF exam?

For several reasons:

  • personal reasons: this test assesses your knowledge of French (oral and written comprehension and expression) with a view to subsequent improvement; it is a linguistic snapshot of your level of French at the time of sitting the test;
  • professional reasons: it provides objective information which candidates can put forward when applying for a job or promotion;
  • academic reasons: according to international standards, it is a reliable assessment of language skills which can be taken into consideration for admission to higher education establishments (universities, grandes écoles, art colleges, architectural colleges, business schools…).

Where do I register?

  • On site : At ILCF Lyon, 23 place Carnot, in the 2nd Arrondissement of Lyon
  • By e-mail :
  • By phone : 00 33 - (0)4 72 32 50 53


Prices 2023-2024

Epreuve obligatoire 75,00 €
Epreuve écrite complémentaire 55,00 €
Epreuve orale complémentaire 55,00 €
Frais administratifs 15,00 €

Our TCF exam sessions are only available for groups and on request.

How should I prepare for my exams?

The TCF does not require any special preparation but you can find out more by downloading the presentation brochure.

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00 33 - (0)4 72 32 50 53