1, 2 or 3 months

in the summer

for all levels

from Complete beginner to C2 Mastery

cultural activities

included in the programme

Intensive summer french courses: July, August and September

Lettres et Langues

The summer intensive programme is oriented towards the development of oral and written expression and comprehension skills.

An intensive summer French programme for all levels


Courses are oriented towards the development of oral and written expression and comprehension skills. Achievement of autonomy in the use of French requires the acquisition of grammar, vocabulary and specific aspects of French culture. A variety of linguistic activities are offered to students and involve the use of specific methods, exercise books and real-life documents: press, adverts, cartoons, written texts, videos… The courses require students to participate on an active basis.


This programme is aimed at all international students including adults, technicians and researchers… regardless of their level of French, who wish to:
acquire and improve their skills in spoken and written French and/or prepare for DELF and DALF examinations.


The ILCF teaches students in groups (of 18 to 24 students) according to their level: Complete beginner > A1 Breakthrough > A2 Waystage > B1 Threshold > B2 Vantage > C1 Effective Operational Proficiency > C2 Mastery

Course length

1 month: 80 hours over 4 weeks: July, August or September
2 months: 160 hours over 8 weeks: July, August and/or September
3 months: 240 hours over 12 weeks: July, August and September

The intensive programme includes 80 hours of teaching each month:

Levels A1.1 to B1: 80 hours of common curriculum
Level B2: 64 hours of common curriculum + 16 hours of selected civilisation modules

The courses are taught on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the mornings and/or afternoons. Wednesdays are set aside for cultural activities and outings organised by the coordinators. Some cultural activities are also held in the evening.

Education certificate :

The training is completed by a Certificate of French language and culture in relation with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL).
The following examinations can also be taken depending on the schedule: DELF and DALF during studies at the ILCF, depending on the schedule.

Level tests

On the first day of each session, students are required to take a test to evaluate their oral and written skills, so that they can be allocated to the correct group.

Assessment and validation

Assessment method: continuous assessment
Programme validation: 9 university credits or ECTS

Schedule 2020/2021

1st semester:

July : from 1 to 28 July 2021 / except July 14 (public holiday)
August : from 2 to 27 August 2021
September : from 2 to 28 September 2021

Prices 2020/2021

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