CLCF - French Language and Culture Certificate

Certificate awarded on completion of a month-long course at the ILCF and UCLy.

Award process

  • Enrol for the month-long intensive course at the ICLF or the intensive summer course.
  • Pass the continuous assessments and participate during classes.
  • Achieve the average score in continuous assessments.
  • Work diligently. If these steps are not completed, only a course certificate will be awarded.


This certificate requires 76 to 80 hours of course work to be completed.

It includes a statement of the level achieved. The levels correspond to those of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages :

  • Introduction: complete beginner
  • A1 : Breakthrough
  • A2 : Waystage
  • B1 : Threshold
  • B2 : Vantage
  • C1 : Effective Operational Proficiency
  • C2 : Mastery