ILCF Label Qualité Fle

ILCF renews its French as a foreign language Quality label

Maximum score for ILCF as part of its FLE Quality label

The FLE Quality label is an official certificate granted by an inter-ministerial commission (Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European sector) and it is reviewed every four years. It guarantees the quality of a training offer in a French as a foreign language center. It is based on the following five fields :

  • Training, teaching
    The center meets the students’ linguistic needs based on the Common European Framework of References for languages (CECRL).
  • Teachers
    The teachers are qualified and competent to ensure an excellent training.
  • Hospitality support
    The center offers a warm welcome, various activities and an accommodation service in order to provide students with an environment that matches their needs.
  • Facilities
    All premises and equipment guarantee ideal conditions of training in accordance with the current safety standards.  
  • Management of the Institute
    The institution strategic targets are clearly stated in the school Charter. They guarantee an engagement to promote and maintain the quality and the professional ethics.
logo qualité fle

The obtention of the label is subject to an on-site 2 day ½  audit that leads to a report. This report is then argued before the inter-ministerial commission that validates or not the renewal.

Thanks to its devoted and experienced administrative and educational teams, within the exceptional premises of UCLy , ILCF obtained the maximum score of 3 stars in the 5 areas.  The Institute is then part of this priviledged network of labelled French as a foreign language centers until 2025.