Festival Peinture Fraiche - Camilo Pino Labra

Festival Peinture Fraîche 3rd edition, new participation of ILCF learners

Combine street art and pedagogy to learning French

For the 3rd consecutive academic year, ILCF started its 1st semester under the federative banner of street art within teaching, in connection with the Peinture Fraîche Festival ! This educational project, carried out by all the teachers and students was an occasion to develop language and cultural learnings but also to discover another side of Lyon.

Thus, a private visit of the place was organized for the teachers by Cart’1, the Festival art Director.  Then the project began in class as early as October 10th. Students were able to visit the Festival located in Halle Deburg on the 27th and 28th of October.

Teachers and students took advantage of the plurality and the richness of urban art that just keeps on creating new art forms !

Photo report 2022-2023

Photo report 2021-2022

The photographs were taken by Camilo Pino Labra, student of group 7 at the ILCF. Thanks to him for this wonderful work!