French Language ILCF Droit

French Language - international law students learn French

Since 2007, the ILCF and the Faculty of Law have been collaborating on a specific "French Language" module.

Aimed at international law students, the program covers levels from beginner to C1, and aims to train students in French and consolidate their linguistic foundations. The three groups are supervised by three ILCF teachers, Nelly ROUSSON, Quentin GRIS and Julie VELDEMAN ABRY, in a pleasant, friendly, instructive and unifying atmosphere.

The 4 hours of teaching per week enable students to feel comfortable expressing themselves orally in French in their daily lives in Lyon. In this way, they can make the most of their Erasmus stay to discover and learn about French culture. Throughout the 30-hour course, they played the game perfectly, showing themselves to be motivated and dynamic, studious and curious!

At the initiative of Louis-Daniel Muka Tshibende, Deputy Director International, the groups met for three final sessions. After a period of learning and games set up by their teachers, the students from 5 continents had to present their work. In oral presentations, they talked about their culture, heritage and country.