The ILCF hosts the "24 pour tous" exhibition on sport and the Olympic Games

The ILCF recently opened its doors to a unique exhibition. This exhibition on sport and the Olympic Games was organised by an association in the Ain region with the aim of promoting sport among young people in the run-up to the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Immerse yourself in the Olympic world

The exhibition, created by Guillaume Renoud, offers an immersive experience based around sport and the values conveyed by the Olympic Games. Using objects such as medals and equipment loaned by famous sportsmen and women, visitors were able to discover the history of the Olympic Games and their values, as well as Paralympism, thanks to explanatory plaques.

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An educational and interactive approach

As part of its educational project, the ILCF organised dedicated sessions including activities on the theme of the Olympic Games: debates on controversial subjects related to sport, portraits of inspirational sportsmen and women, and so on. Students also had the opportunity to visit the exhibition while taking part in an educational quiz.

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A collective project for the 2024 Games

In addition to the exhibition, the association has an ambitious project: to enable 2024 young people from different backgrounds and social classes to attend the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. To achieve this goal, the association is working with public and private partners, as well as with the "PARIS 2024" group.

The ILCF is delighted to have hosted such an exhibition, which fits in perfectly with its mission of cultural openness and education. By offering students a unique experience based around sport and Olympic values, the ILCF is also preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games!

And it goes on!

The exhibition was also an opportunity to discuss the theme of the Olympic Games during language classes. Several student productions on this subject were displayed on our premises.

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Collaboration ILCF - ESTRI

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