Tec Monterrey's Mexican students bid farewell to the ILCF

After two and a half years of organization, the ILCF was pleased to welcome 77 students from the prestigious Tec Monterrey University for a unique study program in Lyon. This partnership with the renowned institution in Mexico enriched and diversified the students' education while offering them an unforgettable international experience.

Younger than most ILCF students, with an average age of 20, these young talents were housed in UCLy's student residence. This total immersion facilitated their integration and adaptation to French academic and cultural life.

To meet the academic requirements of Tec Monterrey, the ILCF had to adapt its program with modern and innovative teaching methods. For instance, mathematics courses were specially taught in English, ensuring continuity with their initial training. The focus was on a student-centered pedagogical approach, promoting active learning and autonomy.

Congratulations to the graduates!

The success of this program was celebrated during a farewell reception, honored by the presence of Emmanuel Arabian, the Consul of Mexico. This event marked not only the end of their academic stay but also the beginning of new friendships and international collaborations. The speeches highlighted the importance of such exchanges in strengthening cultural and academic ties between France and Mexico.

This program demonstrates the ILCF's commitment to offering high-quality education tailored to the specific needs of each partner and promoting truly global education. We wish these students all the possible success in their future academic and professional endeavors and hope their time at the ILCF will remain a memorable and enriching experience.