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Reopening borders but variable terms and conditions depending on the country of origin

From June 9th, international students can travel to France again. Borders are reopening but a classification has been defined  regarding health criteria :

  • « Green » countries : no vivid circulation of the virus, no preoccupying variant of the virus. European area, Australia, South Korea, Israël, Japan, Lebanon, New-Zealand, Singapour
  •  « orange » countries : vivid circulation of the but in controlled proportions, with no spread of preoccupying variants. All countries, out of “green” and “red” countries. pays « verts » et «
  •  « red » countries : vivid circulation of the virus, preoccupying variants are present.

According to the classification, various terms are to be taken into account (test required, quarantine measures, compelling reasons to travel are necessary etc.).

The list of the countries is likely to be modified depending on the way the situation evolves. Find all details in real time: (french)

Reopening borders strategy from June 9th

Visit the press file about the strategy of reopening borders and get acquainted with the different terms implemented.


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