Testimony from Christine, student at ILCF

Passionate about the French Language, Christine tells us about her background.

Tell us about you.

My name is Christine, I am coming right away from India. I got a Master degree in English and I worked as a SAP ORDER MANAGEMENT/Logistics.  I took a sabbatical leave from work to learn French because it is my passion.

Why did you choose ILCF-Lyon ?

UCLy and more particularly ILCF, is a best university in Lyon to learn French. Language learning is advanced and classes in small groups enable to strengthen my skills.

Lastly, the administrative team is very effective and nice. You can rely on them !

Regarding Lyon, honestly, the city is beautiful ! People are nice and the architecture is classical – which is impressive. In addition, the food is diverse thanks to the many restaurants from all over the world !

What is the best record from your experience at ILCF- Lyon ?

Recently, I went to the Peinture Fraîche Festival…and I loved it 😀. Our teacher told us about street-art and I were able to admire the huge murals. I will soon go to Vienne (Lyon is a junction between other European cities) and I am looking forward to going there 🤞.

What’s more I have made friends among which a Vietnamese student of 19. We are always together in class.

And after ?

I hope that  after obtaining my C1 exam, I will be able to go on with my studies in France to start another Master degree in the field of human resources management. My wish is to find a job in France.