ILCF opens its French as a Foreign Language courses in Annecy!

ILCF offers a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of international employees.

The evening of September 7 marked the inauguration of the ILCF's French as a Foreign Language (FLE) training program on UCLy's Annecy campus. The event was attended by key figures from the town and our company, including Thomas Meszaros, Vice-President of the Greater Annecy Urban Community, responsible for higher education, research and development, Professor Olivier Artus, Rector of the university, and the ILCF management team, comprising Franck Violet, Stéphanie Rabin and Valérie Soubre.

An opportunity for companies in the Annecy region

The presence of Thomas Meszaros at this inaugural event testifies to the importance of this new FLE program for Greater Annecy. Speaking at the event, Thomas Meszaros emphasized the positive impact this initiative will have on Greater Annecy. The ILCF FLE program in Annecy represents a valuable opportunity for local companies. Indeed, many international employees are unable to integrate properly into the Annecy area because of the language barrier. A proposal of this kind in the area will provide the keys to a lasting integration for such talents.

Annecy is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a booming economic center. The arrival of the ILCF's FLE program therefore reinforces the international nature of the city, welcoming students and companies alike.

The ILCF programme: innovative teaching methods

The French as a Foreign Language training program at UCLy in Annecy offers a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of international employees, whether they are new to French or wish to perfect their command of the language. Students have access to highly qualified teachers and state-of-the-art teaching resources, in an environment conducive to learning.

Thanks to its specialized and innovative training program, ILCF courses target the specific needs of each student. The teaching of French for Specific Purposes, linked to their professional fields, gives the prospect of a tailor-made offer.

Alumni: professional testimonials

The evening also included testimonials from former ILCF students. These graduates, who took FLE courses in the past, are now fully integrated into the professional world in France.

A former student of Japanese origin, for example, has successfully set up her own catering business. Her story illustrates how FLE training can help not only to master the language, but also to create entrepreneurial opportunities.

The other speaker was a cardiac surgery intern, who highlighted the crucial importance of mastering French in the medical field. Having lived in France for many years, his success as a healthcare professional is a concrete example of the positive impact that UCLy's FLE training can have on the careers and working lives of international employees.

"The idea is to anchor our work on the Alpes-Europe campus and in the Annecy basin and surrounding area"
Valérie Soubre, Deputy Director in charge of Quality and Training Engineering

"It was important for this project to come to fruition, as it meets a strong expectation on the part of local companies"
Thomas Meszaros, Vice-President of the Greater Annecy Agglomeration, in charge of higher education, research and development

"It's fair to say that at the ILCF we have over twenty years of expertise in many specific fields: legal French, medical French, business French, and more"
Stéphanie Rabin, Deputy Director in charge of Academic and Student Life

What place for the ILCF in Annecy?

An exchange between Valérie Soubre and Thomas Meszaros (in french)