COVID-19 - UCLy's measures

UCLY has set up a daily monitoring unit in order to adapt its measures to the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic in conjunction with the relevant departments of the University of Lyon and UDESCA. Find below the first recommendations and provisions in place at our university.

By decision of the public authorities, the UCLy will be closed to students from Monday 16 March. Only personnel with badges will be allowed to enter our campuses.

The Rector Pr Olivier ARTUS

As it has been announced yesterday evening by the French President, the government has decided to close all the schools and universities on the French territory from next Monday. In accordance with this, Lyon Catholic University is suspending all face-to-face academic activity. This measure will take effect from Monday March 16th and will remain effective until a new decision from the French Government. UCLy will thus be closed to students from Monday March 16th, until further notice.

Given this exceptional situation, the Rector of the University, Fr Olivier ARTUS, has given indications to cancel incoming mobility actions that are scheduled to start from today on or postpone them until new developments. In all cases, contact our International Relations office ( for updates before making any travel arrangements.

UCLy will be implementing specific dispositions for the current semester to facilitate remote academic continuity or adaptation of academic activities. Each UCLy Department will shortly convey all the useful information regarding these dispositions. All students have been notified today. Information related to the evolution of the situation can be consulted on our website which will be updated regularly.

We will of course keep you updated. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Measures taken by UCLy

During the closing time of our institution, all means will be used to ensure the continuity of the educational activity, including exams.

Specific communications will be regularly sent to students by the Vice-Rectorate in charge of Training, Academic Life and Student Life.

All UCLy students have an e-mail address and access to the MOODLE platform to view their messages and access the course materials posted by their teachers.

To limit the risk of contagion and given the suspension of face-to-face teaching, a permanent link, during the usual working days and opening hours, will be possible between teachers and students via email addresses.

The IT department is available to teachers and students for possible assistance by email to:

The purpose of all of these measures is to enable the University to continue its mission, in a context of viral circulation and implying special measures to limit its spread.

Access to the campuses will be controlled by security guards to prevent anyone outside the establishment from entering.

The end of the epidemic will be reported by the authorities and relayed, in particular, by the media. Students will be informed by email, SMS messages, posters on the campuses, on the website and via social networks (from UCLy accounts).

Access to the documentation

Wherever you are, students will be able to have an access to a large part of Henri de Lubac library’s collection from the UCLy’s website, under the section Bibliothèque/Ressources numériques.

A large part of our collection is available online campus: click on the section “accès nomade” and surf on various platforms.

If you need, you can always find help online using the section “Ateliers”.

Medical advice

Covid-19 infection can manifest as a simple rhinopharyngitis or can cause more serious symptoms (pulmonary infection).

At any time and even in the absence of symptoms, you shall respect the following guidelines, which are highly important for your own safety and those around you.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel
  • Cough and sneeze in one’s elbow
  • Only use tissues once
  • Do not wear a facemask

In case of symptoms (cough, fever), the government has given new instructions:

  • Consult a doctor preferably through a distance medical consultation

It is no more necessary to call the SAMU (Emergency Department) neither to make test to confirm the diagnosis.

Please respect the following hygienic instructions from the beginning of the symptoms and during 14 days:

  • Wash your hands very often with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel
  • Cough and sneeze in one’s elbow
  • Only use tissues once and throw them in a covered bin
  • Wear a disposable facemask
  • Limit contacts with people and remain at a distance of 2 meters
  • Aerate and clean the living space regularly

The doctor will issue a medical certificate for a 14 days period. Please inform your School, Faculty or Institute and the Head Doctor of the UCLy’s Pôle Santé, Dr. Béatrice VALLIN in order to help us taking into account your health state and establish distance learning activities.

If your symptoms worsen (breathing difficulties), call the SAMU (Emergency Department) by dialing 15 on a landline phone or 112 on a mobile phone.

You can be sure of our complete dedication and our determination to continue our mission.